Ontology-Driven Information Extraction

Team  Burcu Yildiz , Institute for Software Engineering and Interactive Systems, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
Silvia Miksch , Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering, Danube University Krems, Krems, Austria

Contact Person  Burcu Yildiz
Project  With this project we analysed to what extent ontologies are suitable to drive the IE process and how a classical IES has to be augmented to handle and utilise an underlying ontology properly. Within this context, we also analysed what kind of management issues regarding the used ontology arise and what course of action would be appropriate to dissolve them.

Motivation  Information Extraction (IE) is a very popular field of research nowadays. This is mainly because we are facing big amounts of data on a daily basis and are not able to extract relevant information from it without the assistance of our beloved computers. Since the use of computers caused this problem in the first place, there is nothing unnatural about seeking the aid of computers to manage it, right?

But it is hard to tell a computer how exactly "relevant" information looks like.With this work we explore the possibilities of ontologies for representing task and domain knowledge to be used in Information Extraction Systems.

Publications  Yildiz, B., Miksch, S. Motivating Ontology-Driven Information Extraction. International Conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries (ICSD-2007), Bangalore, India, 2007.

Yildiz, B., Miksch, S. Ontology-Driven Information Systems: Challenges and Requirements. International Conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries (ICSD-2007), Bangalore, India, 2007.

B. Yildiz. Ontology-Driven Information Extraction . Doctoral dissertation, Vienna University of Technology, 2007.

Downloads  For all platforms: ontox

Installation and usage ReadMe: ReadMe.rtf
Test set and answer key from the evaluation process: TestSet_and_AnswerKey.zip

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